The pandemic silver lining that you can’t see when running

The pandemic has dramatically changed many people’s lives over the past year and a half. From losing jobs to living under restrictions, it will be hard to estimate the adverse effects the pandemic has had on our lives until it’s over. Alongside this, the global economy has struggled hugely, with many businesses, especially small businesses being hit the hardest.

This pandemic has impacted the mental wellbeing of many; despite the negative impacts of the pandemic, people have been able to find a silver lining. Some of us have spent more time with our family and have some time to adjust our lives and realise what is important. Research has shown that more people than ever took up a new form of exercise over the past year, especially running.

Since the pandemic began, we have not been able to follow our regular schedules. Although gyms have been closed to prevent the spread of COVID, many people found running outdoors through their neighbourhoods to be just as effective in maintaining their fitness and helping to improve their mental health. We all know exercise helps us to improve our physical health and prevent stress-related injuries. However, exercise and running have become a lifeline for many people to improve or stabilise their mental health—just one of the many silver linings during the pandemic.

Here are some more benefits from running that have helped us during the pandemic:

Reduce Stress

Stress has been a significant issue during this pandemic. With lots of negative things going on worldwide, it can be hard not to feel stressed. Almost everyone has had their stress levels increase, which directly impacts your immune system. However, running and regular exercise can help reduce stress. It reduces the stress hormone levels in our bodies and produces the hormone that creates a sense of happiness.

Health & Immunity

Exercise has always been a great way to improve your health and make you a stronger, fitter person. It improves blood flow and increases white blood cell circulation, which detects an illness sooner and improves your response to viruses. In turn, it also has a positive impact on your immune system.


With the shift from office-based work to working from home, the pandemic has impacted the productivity of many workers. Not being able to concentrate and feeling unmotivated has become a common problem. Adding physical exercise like running into your daily routine can help keep your mind fresh and improve your concentration at work; as a result, your productivity will also increase.

Since many people have started running as a regular form of exercise during the COVID pandemic, you should also be aware of safety while running. Especially if you are a new runner, it’s better to build your way up slowly to avoid injury. One of the major aspects to consider when running, to run safely, is high-quality running shoes. You might think any shoes are suitable for running, but performance shoes are designed specifically for running.

You might have noticed some pain in your legs and feet after running, and that’s the clear indicator that your shoes are not suitable for running. Running shoes are unique from regular shoes; they are made from materials that help absorb the impact from running and provide the support, cushion, and durability you need while running.

The best performance shoe brands in the world have spent countless hours and invested loads of funding into the research and development of their running shoes. So, if you have decided to keep running in your daily routine, it is better to invest in high-quality running shoes to prevent unnecessary injuries.

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