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Boys Adidas Soccer Boots

From kids playing in the courtyard of their houses to adults in stadiums stacked with spectators, everyone needs soccer boots tailored to their needs. A comfortable soccer boot helps players develop the right confidence on the field. Adidas realizes that an ideal football boot always allows players to bring their best on the field. This is why Adidas brings a range of soccer boots engineered with the latest technology and vision to enhance players’ ability to handle the ball. With Stringer Sports, you can choose from a wide range of Adidas soccer boots collections for boys, men, women, and kids.

While playing soccer, boys exert a lot of pressure on their lower body as they take more sprints than adults. Lighter boots with sturdy cleats, soft materials, and even grip are the best options to keep them from hurting their feet. Most of the new Adidas boots are engineered on direct feedback from players wearing the boots, which help to consider personal safety in designing the boots. If you are looking for Adidas soccer boots for your boys, Stringer Sports offers an impressive collection of new Adidas soccer boots.

Best Boys Adidas Soccer Botts in 2022

ADIDAS JUNIOR X GHOSTED .4 FXG FOOTBALL BOOT: This Adidas boot is perfect for players who prefer speed on the field. It is made of lightweight synthetic upper, so it feels soft and gentle on your feet’ upper part, which produces less impact through your sprints. The outsole is flexible, making acceleration less of a problem than other boots. It has a lace outsole and provides a skin live cover to avoid unnecessary pull-offs during the game. This shoe is comfortable to wear across the firm ground, artificial grass, and hard ground – so you can sport this one on both indoor and outdoor football grounds.

ADIDAS JUNIOR PREDATOR FREAK .4 FOOTBALL BOOT: This boot puts you in charge of the game. An Adidas Predator Freak works like magic, giving you superior ball control, touch, freedom to remain agile on the ground. A synthetic upper skin makes the boot feel light on your feet. You can expect high traction in all ground conditions wearing this boot.

ADIDAS JUNIOR NEMEZIZ .4 FXG FOOTBALL BOOTS: Adidas Junior Nemeziz is the perfect choice for firm grounds. An outsole made of rubber provides a high degree of traction on firm, hard surfaces, while the synthetic upper offers comfort and support to your feet. With the mono-tongue, your feet are locked down for ultimate stability during twists and turns.

ADIDAS GOLETTO VII FG JUNIOR FOOTBALL BOOTS: Adidas developed its Goletto FG Junior using durable materials for better cushioning and performance. The shoe is made from soft synthetic material and has a lightweight outsole for optimal traction on different surfaces. Adidas Goletto FG Junior is a firm ground boot with a soft insole and padded heel for maximum cushioning.

Buy Boys Adidas Soccer Boots at Stringer Sports

There are plenty of durable and comfortable Adidas boots you can choose for your boys. If the sheer number of options overwhelm you, Stringer Sports can assist you in selecting the right boot for your child. We update our stock regularly to ensure you don’t miss out on new Adidas brands. From footwear to other apparel for women, men, and kids, you can count on Stringer Sports.

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