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Puma Womens Shoes

Among the brands known for curating sporting goods and essentials (especially sports shoes), Nike, Adidas and even Reebok are often mentioned first. Even though Puma is a renowned and reputable brand worldwide, it is often underrated as a designer of sports shoes for women. Stringer sports isn’t about to make the same mistake, so we have gathered the best Puma sports shoes for women designed specifically for athletes.

Puma has always been unstoppable when releasing the finest and most stylish sneaker pieces since its launch in the 1940s. The third-largest footwear manufacturer globally, Puma has cultivated world champion athletes and collaborated with celebrities to develop recognisable iterations.

Every year, the Pumas spend countless hours researching the biomechanics of runners of all ages, body types, and sizes, as well as running styles and gaits. All of this research is incorporated into the shoe technologies in their labs. Attention to these details ensures that runners feel like their ride is tailored to their personal style, allowing them to run comfortably and safely.

Puma models are available right now, so whether you’re shopping for your first pair or adding to your collection, there’s something for everyone. Here, we have sorted through Puma’s collection of sneakers for women and arranged our recommendations under different categories for your convenience.

Best Women’s Sports Shoe in 2022

Style without sacrificing performance. Women’s NRGY Star sports shoes from Puma offer not just plush comfort but also a very feminine silhouette. A SoftFoam+ sock liner ensures a seamless transition from heel to toe. Lightweight, breathable, and slip-on, they are ideal for activities, whether you’re on your way to work, on the track, or taking a stroll around the city. You get superior cushioning from heel to toe with NGRY’s bead-filled midsole.

Puma UltraRide Women’s Sports Shoes are a great shoe to wear on and off the track. A ProFoam midsole makes this footwear responsive, while the PROPLATE plate provides fast turnover. Featuring Puma’s liquid CELL hexagons, the LQDCELL Method is a solution for stable cushioning. For the lightest stride yet, the LQDCELL technology combines with the ProFoam midsole. Ideal for agile athletes.

The Hybrid SKY Women’s Sports Shoe and Hybrid Astro Women’s sports shoes are the freshest cushioned sports shoe for everyday wear. It combines Puma’s two most innovative midsole foams; IGNITE and NRGY. While the NRGY beads provide instant cushion and comfort, the IGNITE foam offers incredible responsiveness to propel you forward.

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