5 signs you should replace your running shoes

Running is a reliable and economical form of exercise and is popular among health enthusiasts across Australia. With gyms being closed for the majority of the year, we are all doing our best to keep our bodies in shape. Simply jogging in your neighbourhood can boost your mood, so it is a good form of exercise for anyone.

Running does not require any extravagant training accessories, but only a pair of good performance shoes. Not all performance footwear is built the same. Some are sturdy and assist during your run, while some are just uncomfortable and provide poor support.

At Stringers Sports Store, we can assist you with finding the highest-quality, best performing and comfortable shoes to help you go the extra mile. Mizuno running shoes, Brooks running shoes, and ASICS running shoes are some of the top brands available to make your run comfortable and make you less injury-prone.

So, when should you be looking for new shoes? Well, here are five signs when you should get a new pair of running shoes:

If You Are Not Comfortable

If you are not comfortable with your running shoes, we recommend you change them. Wearing a worn-out pair of shoes that are uncomfortable can increase existing health issues like arthritis. Going a short distance with the wrong pair of shoes can force pain and stress on bones and joints.

If Your Heel Is Not Treating You Well

The heel tab is an extended portion of the shoe above the heel counter. It protects the Achilles tendon and helps in firmly adjusting the shoe to your feet. When the heel tab is not comfortable, it can cause the most discomfort while running and can cause severe pain to the Achilles tendon. From Brooks running shoes, Mizuno running shoes, Asics running shoes, you can pick a pair with the most comfortable heel tab for you.

If Your Midsole Is Worn Out

The midsole is the most essential part of your shoe in terms of protection and shock absorption. If you can feel your steps during your run, it is time for a change. Most running shoes have a thick midsole for durability. For those with a jogging routine, getting running shoes with a thick midsole compared to other sports shoes will be good.

If You Are Getting Blisters

The frequent use of a single pair is not good for your feet. Old worn-out shoes can rub your feet, making your exercise tiring and painful. Frequent use of a pair also degrades the cushioning of the shoes. This is when it is time for some new performance shoes.

If You Frequently Run On Rough Trails Constantly

It’s not just about how many miles you run, but the nature of your trials also has a huge impact on the durability of your running shoes. Running on rough trails will damage the midsole in a short span and can cause more friction between your feet and shoes resulting in blisters.  

Studies recommend changing running shoes every 300 to 400 miles. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner, Stringers Sports Store can help you pick the best shoe possible for your foot, from the top shoe brands in the world. You can choose from Brooks running shoes, Mizuno running shoes, ASICS running shoes, and a huge range of others.

Head to Stringers Sports Store today to find the perfect pair of running shoes.  

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