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Mizuno Running Shoes

The key to putting minimal stress on your body and feet while walking, running, or hiking is wearing high-quality and supportive running shoes. Every person’s body reacts differently to different types of exercise and the impact they can have, so this is why it is necessary to wear shoes that deliver the utmost comfort and durability while walking and running.

Mizuno running shoes have heavy cushioning, primarily to safeguard your heel and toes while doing intense running exercises, and are well-known for their high-quality running shoes. Stringer Sports Store has been delivering Mizuno running shoes for years to men, women, and children all across Australia.

Whether it is womens or mens running shoe, it should provide good arch support whilst wearing them to reduce natural shock absorption and allow you to walk and run comfortably. Running shoes should also offer you stability, so even if you have flat feet, you don’t suffer muscle or joint stress. It is also recommended that you purchase running shoes with high-quality soles that are lightweight and support superior motion control.

Nowadays, everyone is looking for running shoes that satisfy every possible need, which is not unreasonable. If you purchase a pair of Mizuno running shoes, you can be assured that they possess every quality that you are looking for.

Why Choose Mizuno Running Shoes?

Technologically Advanced:

Mizuno running shoes are known for their cutting-edge technology. These technologies make these Mizuno running shoes the best in the market. The evolution of technology has led Mizuno to manufacture the lightest, stable, and flexible running shoes.

Professional Feedback:

Mizuno running shoes are made with the input of professional athletes to ensure quality, comfort, and performance.


Whether you are professionally or as a hobby, Mizuno running shoe line is large enough to cover every type of runner.

The Mizuno Running Shoes Technology

Mizuno Wave, the signature Mizuno technology, offers the perfect balance of stability and cushioning.

Mizuno Enerzy delivers excellent softness and maximum energy return and is designed to improve your performance.

Mizuno CoolTouch offers a soft feeling and leads to rapid drying.

Gore-Tex UPPER offers a great defence against all weather so you can hit the outdoors in the rain.

Popular Mizuno Running Shoes

MIZUNO MEN’S WAVE INSPIRE 17 running shoes to have MIZUNO ENERZY foam that delivers unbeatable comfort and superior cushioning and rebound. Their semi-firm support, exceptional breathability, and a perfect blend of comfort, style, and durability make them an exceptional choice for any runner.

MIZUNO WAVE HORIZON 5 is a stand-out shoe amongst the Mizuno family. With a sleek look and modern feel, the shoe uses XPOP PU foam that creates unrivalled stability to deliver a cushioning combination that makes you feel like you’re floating. The outer design of the shoes creates exceptional grip, perfect for running on slick roads or paths, and flexible enough for a long run.

MIZUNO WAVE EQUATE 5 is one of the most stable Mizuno running shoes featuring wave plate technology. These shoes are built to offer exceptional energy returns. This fifth edition has a renewed UPPER to improve breathability and fit.

Buy Mizuno Running Shoes At Stringers Sports Store 

Our passion at Stringers Sports Store is to provide the best performance footwear to our customers. This is why we specialise in selling performance shoes from many well-known, high-quality brands across Australia, under one roof – one of those is Mizuno running shoes.

We offer complete measuring and fitting services from our staff in-store. We can also provide you with exclusive discount rates and corporate offers. We even match prices with other stores in Australia and offer you the best price possible. So, if you are looking for exceptional running and performance shoes, visit us online or in-store today.

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