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Mizuno Women’s Running Shoes

Mizuno offers a wide range of sports apparel and professional sports shoes designed for women. Among their best offerings is their line-up of women’s running shoes which has garnered positive feedback and multiple awards from footwear enthusiasts. Mizuno’s best line-up of running shoes now comes in attractive colours and design additions to look and feel more feminine.

Mizuno Women’s Running Shoes are composed of top-of-the-line design innovations in footwear technology developed by Mizuno over its decades of research.

Starting from the bottom, Mizuno’s women’s running shoes feature their signature X10 outsoles, a durable carbon rubber material to provide excellent traction and ensure the longevity of the pair. MIZUNO ENERZY provides increased cushioning and heel support in high impact zones. Combined with their Dynamotion Fit forefoot and Fan Wave Plate, they deliver a combination of comfort and stability in every stride. With the pleasant addition of U4IC and U4ICx technology in their midsole design, Mizuno Women’s running shoes offer improved comfort, better pronation and superior cushioning during impact while also providing better bounce during toe offs. The flex grooves work seamlessly with the design components to encourage a push forward during the run.

Mizuno Women’s running shoes come in both Engineered Mesh and WAVE KNIT™ for a snug blanket-like feel and adapt to the shape of your feet in no time, further ensuring great support, comfort and breathability while also offering a good weather shield.

Further improved with MIZUNO ENERZY and MIZUNO WAVE®, Mizuno Women’s running shoes have consistently been top of the list for serious runners and professional athletes year after year. They are also manufactured with eco-friendly technology and recycled materials.

Designed for all foot shapes, pronation and sports purpose, Mizuno running shoes offer a variety of design and colour options that appeal to all gender and ages. Find the best version of Mizuno Women’s running shoes that best suits your needs and tastes.

With over a century of manufacturing sportswear for professional athletes, Mizuno today has become one of the most recognised and respected brands in sports equipment and apparel. Mizuno has an impressive line-up of sports shoes for all purposes, from sports and athletics to everyday use and comfort. At Stringer Sports Store, Australia, we have an assortment of sports shoes and sports apparel for men, women, boys and girls from the best brands from around the world.

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