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Mizuno Wide Fit Running Shoes

The name Mizuno is no stranger to the topic of running and performance shoes. Mizuno is synonymous with performance, quality and innovation. They have left their mark time and again on the sports apparel industry, and their line-up of running and performance shoes looks to do no less. After over a century of designing performance footwear, Mizuno’s wide fit running shoes carry over everything Mizuno’s top running shoes have to offer, to fit the needs of wide feet.

Finding the right pair of running shoes that do not turn your natural advantage into a disadvantage can be challenging since it is rare for even the leading manufacturers to have all their footwear offerings in wide versions. Mizuno’s wide fit running shoes are built on the foundation of their most acclaimed and top-selling line-up of running shoes making their best offering available to everyone.

Catering to every foot type and pronation need, Mizuno’s wide fit running shoes are built from the ground up with the sole purpose of bringing the best technology and aligning it with the needs and requirements of their runners. Set on the heels is Mizuno’s ENERGY Foam, their latest innovation for a softer, more flexible and better responsive midsole that is set alongside their previous flagship material U4IC and U4ICx. These work together fabulously to dampen the landing impact while generating an appropriate level of bounce to assist in better toe-off.

The combination of the midsole works in conjunction with the Fan Wave Plate technology to evenly distribute the impact and provide responsive feedback and unparalleled stability. The flex grooves help generate natural forward motion for runners, with the X10 carbon rubber outsoles ensuring the best traction and durability for a long time to come. Seen within the Dynamotion fit forefoot and Engineered Mesh, or WAVE KNIT™ upper, either one of these two options ensures a snug fit with maximum comfort and support as they mould to the shape of your feet with time, bringing excellent breathability and functional weather protection.

Further improved with MIZUNO ENERGY and MIZUNO WAVE®, Mizuno wide fit running shoes for men and women have consistently been on the top of the list for serious runners and professional athletes year after year. These are also manufactured with eco-friendly technology and recycled materials.

Mizuno running shoes offer a variety of design and colour options that appeal to all genders and ages. Find the best version of Mizuno wide fit running shoes that best suits your needs and taste.

Mizuno has an impressive line-up of sports shoes for all purposes, from sports and athletics to everyday use and comfort. At Stringers Sports Store, Australia, we have an assortment of sports shoes and sports apparel for men, women, boys and girls from the best brands from around the world over.

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