The many benefits that exercise can have on your mental health

Exercising and working out is starting to carve their way into our everyday lives. While social media trends have given fitness the outlook of a lifestyle flex, the benefits of regular physical activity go well beyond an increment of social approval. Physical exercise has always been associated with improving overall physical fitness, health and strength. In recent years, various studies in psychotherapy have proven exercising to have an immensely positive impact on brain function and mental health. From improving physical endurance and stamina to reducing weight and cholesterol, physical exercise also improves sleep, alleviates stress, regulates mood, improves memory and mental alertness.

Regular physical activities have been shown to profoundly impact individuals struggling with mental health issues, increasing self-esteem and improving cognitive function, and you don’t need to train like a professional athlete to reap these benefits.

Helps To Cope with Depression, Anxiety, Stress And PTSD

Physical exercise has been shown to change our brains. Exercising promotes neural growth and new activity patterns while reducing inflammation. During physical exercise, our body releases a chemical called endorphins. These endorphins help minimise pain by interacting with our brain receptors and give a pleasant sensation similar to morphine. This gives us a nice feeling and helps us develop a positive outlook on life. Endorphins act as analgesics (painkillers) and sedatives, providing a euphoric feeling. Activities such as mild running, moderately demanding sporting activities on the weekend or even something as simple as taking a walk for 15 minutes have been shown to reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety. The release of endorphins also helps in reducing stress. When we utilise more energy, our body demands more time to recharge and rest. Exercise has proven to be effective against insomnia and improving the quality of our sleep. When we are more attuned with our bodies, our negative thought patterns reduce significantly.

Improves Self Esteem, Confidence and Mindfulness

Regular exercise creates an apparent improvement in our physique and physical appearance. Physical training requires our body to perform high-intensity activities effectively utilising the natural movement from different joints and muscles. Whether it’s a run, a hike, an aerobic session, or a form of physical expression like dance or martial arts, having a daily exercise routine improves the body’s overall metabolism, ensuring we absorb more nutrients from our diet. This helps us gain healthy oxygen-rich muscles, which strengthen our body posture and form. The increased blood flow nourishes the skin giving us a youthful appearance. Taking notice of the apparent physical improvement develops the feeling of self-worth. Seeing ourselves get better, more robust and resilient gives a substantial boost in self-confidence. Physical exercise makes us more aware of our body and its responses and how we feel physically.

Improves Energy Levels, Concentration and Optimism

These days we can easily notice a trend in Fortune 500 companies of fit and healthy executives. Billion-dollar businesses and ambitious minds have not overlooked the benefits of physical exercise in improving our brain function and overall performance. Physical activity boosts the production of chemicals like dopamine, norepinephrine and increases serotonin levels. These chemicals are naturally produced in our body, increasing our concentration levels, reducing stress, and making us feel more positive. Exercising also helps significantly improve cognitive functions and reduce age-related decline by stimulating new brain cells and improving memory. That is why the executives today give their lifestyle and fitness routine the same importance as their board meetings. The improved level of energy, focus and endurance in both the mental and physical realm enables an individual to perform at the highest level making people more positive and productive with proper work-life balance. Hence, we have more energy, are more focused, and most importantly, have a positive attitude to life and its challenges.

Physical exercise does not need to be highly demanding or dull as a chore. If the gym does not feel like your natural habitat, perhaps hiking, trail running, tennis, or picking up any other lighter sporting activity might be your cup of tea. If you want to start switching to a healthier lifestyle or already have one in the mix, then Stringers Sports Store could be your one-stop shop for maintaining it.

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