If you are an athlete or undertake regular exercise, you know the importance of having the right pair of performance sports shoes. When searching for the best pair of sports shoes, the first thing you must ensure is that they are comfortable, which is why, in this situation, the brand does matter. The best brands use only the finest materials to make their shoes comfortable and high-quality. However, deciding which brand to purchase depends on several factors, not just comfort.

Depending on the shape and size of your foot and how you weight-bear during exercise will often lead to one brand working much better for you than others. There are so many variables when it comes to sports shoes, and often it is impossible to determine the best shoe brand. Every single person will have their own opinions, as everyone has different feet. However, top-name brands design their shoes with the utmost thought and quality, making themselves some of the top sports shoe brands in the world.

Top-tier brands such as Mizuno, ASICS, and Brooks have sports shoes designed to suit a wide variety of activities and sports. Luckily for you, all of these brands are available at Stringers Sports Store, so you can be sure to purchase the best pair for you on the market.

So, whether you prefer a cushioned sole or upper mesh materials, your footwear must protect your feet from heel to toe, which is why we are here to help you determine which top-tier brand is for you. With the best shoe brands, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward and reach your performance goals.

Here is what you need to know about the top brands:


Mizuno is one of the best running shoe brands. They provide consistent and dependable performance for runners of all ages and genders. 

Their running shoes use smooth ride support wave technology and have reinforced heels and a cushioned midsole that is lightweight and sleek. The wave knit upper is well ventilated and breathable, and the flexible construction conforms to the foot’s movement.

Mizuno Wave Rider and Wave Inspire have powered runners for decades. Their new shoe technology will also propel Mizuno into the next decade and whatever comes after. Mizuno running shoes are a reliable and durable training partner, whether you’re training for a marathon or just wanting to go for a walk.


ASICS is a long-standing name within the performance shoe community. ASICS, guided by their motto of ‘ A sound mind in a sound body, created high-quality running shoes for every kind of athlete. Their collection of premium running shoes, such as the Gel Kayano by ASICS, are packed with the latest shoe technology and precisely tuned based on the characteristics of each runner.

The ASICS GEL-Nimbus has been one of the most dependable running shoes over the past two decades. They are premium and innovative running shoes that provide the most comfortable and custom fit; overall, they are the best all-rounder for comfort.  

Similarly, The GEL-QUANTUM 180 has you covered for a great mix of style and comfort. A striking upper pattern with 3D printed overlays, the stylish upper sits nicely on the 180 degrees of GEL that wraps the midsole, offering excellent cushioning and comfort for everyday use. As one of the top brands, they have endless options, and I am sure there is one for you.


Brooks is known for providing superior foot protection, regardless of your athletic level. Brooks produces shoes and apparel specifically designed for the sport with all their energy and research dedicated to running.

The Ghost 14 is one of the most popular running shoes from the Brooks collections. They are perfect for intense training and provide an unbeatable fit. The Brooks Launch 8 and Glycerin 19 are also popular choices that offer support and cushioning without sacrificing durability. Brooks footwear adapts to the wearer’s rhythm, form, stride, and weight balance to provide maximum support for their run.

An excellent option for serious runners. Now that you know some of the best brands for sports shoes on the market, you need to go and purchase them. At Stringers Sports Store, we offer complete-sizing and fitting services in-store by our highly trained team. This way, you can ensure that your shoes are the perfect fit, despite their brand. If you are looking for the best brands on the market, then head in-store today to find your ideal fit. Alternatively, you can also jump onto our online store if you are unable to make it in-store.

Exercising and working out is starting to carve their way into our everyday lives. While social media trends have given fitness the outlook of a lifestyle flex, the benefits of regular physical activity go well beyond an increment of social approval. Physical exercise has always been associated with improving overall physical fitness, health and strength. In recent years, various studies in psychotherapy have proven exercising to have an immensely positive impact on brain function and mental health. From improving physical endurance and stamina to reducing weight and cholesterol, physical exercise also improves sleep, alleviates stress, regulates mood, improves memory and mental alertness.

Regular physical activities have been shown to profoundly impact individuals struggling with mental health issues, increasing self-esteem and improving cognitive function, and you don’t need to train like a professional athlete to reap these benefits.

Helps To Cope with Depression, Anxiety, Stress And PTSD

Physical exercise has been shown to change our brains. Exercising promotes neural growth and new activity patterns while reducing inflammation. During physical exercise, our body releases a chemical called endorphins. These endorphins help minimise pain by interacting with our brain receptors and give a pleasant sensation similar to morphine. This gives us a nice feeling and helps us develop a positive outlook on life. Endorphins act as analgesics (painkillers) and sedatives, providing a euphoric feeling. Activities such as mild running, moderately demanding sporting activities on the weekend or even something as simple as taking a walk for 15 minutes have been shown to reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety. The release of endorphins also helps in reducing stress. When we utilise more energy, our body demands more time to recharge and rest. Exercise has proven to be effective against insomnia and improving the quality of our sleep. When we are more attuned with our bodies, our negative thought patterns reduce significantly.

Improves Self Esteem, Confidence and Mindfulness

Regular exercise creates an apparent improvement in our physique and physical appearance. Physical training requires our body to perform high-intensity activities effectively utilising the natural movement from different joints and muscles. Whether it’s a run, a hike, an aerobic session, or a form of physical expression like dance or martial arts, having a daily exercise routine improves the body’s overall metabolism, ensuring we absorb more nutrients from our diet. This helps us gain healthy oxygen-rich muscles, which strengthen our body posture and form. The increased blood flow nourishes the skin giving us a youthful appearance. Taking notice of the apparent physical improvement develops the feeling of self-worth. Seeing ourselves get better, more robust and resilient gives a substantial boost in self-confidence. Physical exercise makes us more aware of our body and its responses and how we feel physically.

Improves Energy Levels, Concentration and Optimism

These days we can easily notice a trend in Fortune 500 companies of fit and healthy executives. Billion-dollar businesses and ambitious minds have not overlooked the benefits of physical exercise in improving our brain function and overall performance. Physical activity boosts the production of chemicals like dopamine, norepinephrine and increases serotonin levels. These chemicals are naturally produced in our body, increasing our concentration levels, reducing stress, and making us feel more positive. Exercising also helps significantly improve cognitive functions and reduce age-related decline by stimulating new brain cells and improving memory. That is why the executives today give their lifestyle and fitness routine the same importance as their board meetings. The improved level of energy, focus and endurance in both the mental and physical realm enables an individual to perform at the highest level making people more positive and productive with proper work-life balance. Hence, we have more energy, are more focused, and most importantly, have a positive attitude to life and its challenges.

Physical exercise does not need to be highly demanding or dull as a chore. If the gym does not feel like your natural habitat, perhaps hiking, trail running, tennis, or picking up any other lighter sporting activity might be your cup of tea. If you want to start switching to a healthier lifestyle or already have one in the mix, then Stringers Sports Store could be your one-stop shop for maintaining it.

Stringers Sports Store has a wide selection of sports apparel for men, women and kids from the best brands and manufacturers from all over the world. No matter if you are running, hiking, sports or regular lifestyle use, Stringers Sports has one of the most comprehensive line-ups of shoes from Asics, Brooks, Mizuno, Nike, Adidas, New Balance and more. Having exercise as an essential part of your daily life enhances our overall well-being and brings positive changes in our minds, body and life. Find out the best fit for your body type and foot and start your journey into the new you.

Motivation is undoubtedly the key to success in many avenues of life. One of those avenues is indeed throughout your physical health. While this may seem like a simple concept that all you need is motivation, unfortunately, it isn’t. It can be a serious mental game to continue being motivated, primarily through physical health journeys.

It doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or someone just starting; every day, you must search for your source of motivation. Everyone is different. In contrast, some people have huge goals to achieve, such as major sports championships and events, marathons, or even the Olympics. At the same time, others just want to become fitter, healthier and better versions of themselves. These goals are often the source of a considerable amount of motivation.

When you are running, whether professionally or as an amateur, you need to wear the correct running shoes and comfortable running wear. However, it has become common for some people to choose an aesthetic look for their running outfits rather than comfort and safety. This is because having a great running outfit can also be a source of great motivation.

When you are struggling to get yourself together and head on that run, the perfect running outfit can be the best motivation. While we agree with this sentiment, there is no need to gamble on your comfort and risk an injury because you are not wearing proper running gear.

Mainly because you don’t need to; luckily, many top-tier brands sell both practical and aesthetically pleasing athletic clothing for runners these days. This way, you can get extra motivation from the perfect running outfit without compromising on anything.

If you’re searching for the best running outfit, then you can find every piece you need all in one place. Whether you want running shoes or a vast range of running apparel, Stringers Sports Store has everything you need.

At Stringers Sports Store, you can find top tier running shoes from brands including ASICS, Brooks, Mizuno, and more. Offering styles for both men and women, of every foot shape and every running style. Your shoes are essential in protecting your legs and feet from injury and absorbing the shock on your body from running. The right pair of shoes will also allow you to excel in your running ability by providing comfort, and therefore the ability to run for longer and train harder.

However, Stringers Sports also has a great range of running apparel such as pants, hoodies, and tanks from huge brands such as Nike, Puma, and ASICS. They have a great range of stylish yet comfortable clothing that, paired with an excellent pair of running shoes, creates the whole package.

Are you searching for that extra motivation? Then head in-store to Stringers Sports Store and find yourself the perfect running outfit. Their team of highly trained professionals will be able to help you find everything you need. If you can’t head in-store, then check out their website for any of your running shoes or apparel needs.

The Olympics are finally around the corner, and once again, the world will watch in awe of the world’s best athletes. While all of us back home can cheer on our favourites, we will also think about what we ourselves can achieve as athletes. Watching the best of the best often sparks inspiration in us all, but we don’t want to go too hard too fast and injure ourselves as a result.

Even if you aren’t an Olympian, you still need the right gear to perform to the best of your ability. Performance shoes are a must, whether you are an amateur or an aspiring athlete.

Whether you are walking, running, weightlifting, or any other activity, injury can be caused by wearing the wrong sort of shoe. A high-quality pair of performance shoes can help to prevent foot and ankle injuries and make your workout more comfortable.

If you take your running and your physical health seriously, you need to invest in a pair of shoes that fit precisely for your foot shape and activity.

The most important thing to look out for when shopping for running shoes is to choose your shoe, depending on the type of activity you most often take part in. Secondly, your shoe must fit perfectly. There is nothing worse and nothing that makes you more prone to injury than a shoe that doesn’t fit right. A shoe that is too small, too big, too narrow, or with a heel that rubs and gives you blisters will not get better and shouldn’t be worn. When purchasing your shoes, try them on if possible, and be sure to move around the store and try and get a good feel for them. It is also useful to get the help of the experts in-store as well.

We can’t stress the importance of the right pair of performance shoes enough. Ultimately, they are what lies between you and potential lifelong injury. If you are a runner and your shoes aren’t high-quality and made specifically for running, you could risk life-long leg and foot pain or injury. This can eventually lead to further problems in your back and make comfortable exercise harder for you as you get older.

When searching for the right pair of performance shoes, you need the same quality, as all our best athletes. Therefore, you need to go somewhere where they have a team of professionals to assist you in selecting performance shoes.

Therefore, you need to visit Stringers Sports Store. StringersSports specialises in the best brands of sporting footwear in Australia. This includes ASICS, Brooks, Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Puma, and more. As experts in the best shoes on the market, their highly qualified team in-store can assist you with finding the right pair of performance shoes for you.

If you want to push yourself further, without discomfort to your legs and feet, then head in-store to Stringers Sports Store today or jump onto their website and find your perfect pair today.

Running is an activity that doesn’t require vast amounts of expensive equipment to get started. However, the only thing you do need is a good pair of running shoes. Running shoes made specifically for running are crucial for anyone running as a form of exercise, not just serious runners.

Why do I need specially made running shoes? You might ask. Well, running shoes can help you run in a faster, more efficient way. No, they aren’t magic shoes that make you run faster; they indirectly help you become a better runner.   There are many benefits of the right pair of running shoes. These will become apparent once you complete your run. While most people don’t realise this, when you avoid purchasing a good pair of running shoes, the consequences aren’t fun.

Here are some of the ways your running shoes will help you be on top of your game:

Avoiding Blisters and Pains

Avid runners can experience severe foot pain if they aren’t running in the right pair of shoes. Specially made running shoes are lightweight and made with the proper arch support and cushioning to ensure you are comfortable. They help your body absorb the shock on your legs from running; this way, you avoid too much pain.  

The right shoes will also cause comparatively less friction, minimising the chances of blisters. Not to forget, great running shoes will help you prevent ankle and joint problems in the long term.

Perfect Fit

Unlike other shoes, specially made running shoes will provide you with an amazing, almost tailored fit to your feet. However, you should know your foot shape before you start the hunt for running shoes; this way, you can find the right style for your foot.

With the right fit, your shoes won’t rub against your heels, and your toes won’t be irritating at the other end of the shoe. Again, this will ultimately lead to a boosted speed and performance.

Improved Comfort

Comfort plays a vital role in the performance of any athlete, and competitive or casual runners are greatly benefitted when they put on a comfortable pair of running shoes. The shoes are lightweight, have super-soft cushioning, rubber soles, breathable material, and a supportive fit, all provide the utmost comfort to the runner, which will likely lead to increased performance.

Economy of Energy

Running in a supportive and high-quality pair of running shoes requires a lot less energy, which means you can run for a more extended period. Without comfortable and supportive shoes, your body absorbs more shock, and this can make your leg muscles tire out faster.

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