Over the past couple of weeks, marathon season throughout Europe has begun, with the London and Paris marathons being the highlights. It won’t be long before Australia follows suit, and marathon events can begin again.

So, for the long-distance runners of the world, everyone is busy training for their events. Since marathons are a hugely physical endeavour, preparation is key. Any long-distance runner will know that the way you train and eat and prepare yourself for a marathon is crucial to your performance on the day.

What they also know is how important performance footwear is to a distance runner. The right footwear will ensure that you avoid injury to your legs and back, and keep your runs comfortable, and give you the ability to perform at your best.

So, what shoes on the market at the moment are the best for long-distance running and where can you find them?

Here are our top three performance shoes for long-distance runners:

ASICS Gel Cumulus 23

This every day, running shoes ticks all the boxes. It delivers a comfortable, reliable and consistent ride on your runs. With gender specific technology for both men and women, the lightweight engineered mesh is highly breathable, perfect for your comfort. It also has multiple flex grooves, with a sustainable ASICS lite rubber outsole for full ground contact that allows for smooth contact with the ground, and absorption of shock so your legs and back can avoid injury.

Mizuno Wave Rider 25

The Mizuno wave rider 23, is a part of the iconic Mizuno shoe line-up and doesn’t disappoint. With an all-new Mizuno Enerzy midsole on the top and heel wedge, along with the parallel-shaped wave plate combine to give a more propulsive and smoother ride for the runner. The excellent midsole cushioning creates great energy return, and engineered air mesh provides a soft, breathable and flexible fit, perfect for long-distances.

Brooks Glycerin 19

The Brooks Glycerin 19 delivers super-soft cushioning for the softest ride ever, without sacrificing responsiveness or durability. The 3D fit print upper also provides a strategic stretch and structure for a comfortable fit, which makes for a better stride and shock absorption to help you avoid injury. Not only that but the updated mesh upper will provide a better fit and premium step-in comfort.

After having a look at our top three choices for long distance running performance shoes, you might be wondering where you find these options so you can find the right shoe for you. Well, Stringer Sports Store is your one-stop shop for performance footwear. With a huge range of performance shoes for men, women and children, the professionals at Stringers can help you to find the perfect shoe for you.

If you are looking for your next pair of long-distance running shoes, at the best prices anywhere, then it is time for you to check out the Stringers Sports website, or visit their store, to discover their offerings and find the best fit for your needs.

Running is a reliable and economical form of exercise and is popular among health enthusiasts across Australia. With gyms being closed for the majority of the year, we are all doing our best to keep our bodies in shape. Simply jogging in your neighbourhood can boost your mood, so it is a good form of exercise for anyone.

Running does not require any extravagant training accessories, but only a pair of good performance shoes. Not all performance footwear is built the same. Some are sturdy and assist during your run, while some are just uncomfortable and provide poor support.

At Stringers Sports Store, we can assist you with finding the highest-quality, best performing and comfortable shoes to help you go the extra mile. Mizuno running shoes, Brooks running shoes, and ASICS running shoes are some of the top brands available to make your run comfortable and make you less injury-prone.

So, when should you be looking for new shoes? Well, here are five signs when you should get a new pair of running shoes:

If You Are Not Comfortable

If you are not comfortable with your running shoes, we recommend you change them. Wearing a worn-out pair of shoes that are uncomfortable can increase existing health issues like arthritis. Going a short distance with the wrong pair of shoes can force pain and stress on bones and joints.

If Your Heel Is Not Treating You Well

The heel tab is an extended portion of the shoe above the heel counter. It protects the Achilles tendon and helps in firmly adjusting the shoe to your feet. When the heel tab is not comfortable, it can cause the most discomfort while running and can cause severe pain to the Achilles tendon. From Brooks running shoes, Mizuno running shoes, Asics running shoes, you can pick a pair with the most comfortable heel tab for you.

If Your Midsole Is Worn Out

The midsole is the most essential part of your shoe in terms of protection and shock absorption. If you can feel your steps during your run, it is time for a change. Most running shoes have a thick midsole for durability. For those with a jogging routine, getting running shoes with a thick midsole compared to other sports shoes will be good.

If You Are Getting Blisters

The frequent use of a single pair is not good for your feet. Old worn-out shoes can rub your feet, making your exercise tiring and painful. Frequent use of a pair also degrades the cushioning of the shoes. This is when it is time for some new performance shoes.

If You Frequently Run On Rough Trails Constantly

It’s not just about how many miles you run, but the nature of your trials also has a huge impact on the durability of your running shoes. Running on rough trails will damage the midsole in a short span and can cause more friction between your feet and shoes resulting in blisters.  

Studies recommend changing running shoes every 300 to 400 miles. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner, Stringers Sports Store can help you pick the best shoe possible for your foot, from the top shoe brands in the world. You can choose from Brooks running shoes, Mizuno running shoes, ASICS running shoes, and a huge range of others.

Head to Stringers Sports Store today to find the perfect pair of running shoes.  

The most frustrating part of buying running shoes is finding the perfect pair that fits correctly and is comfortable. However, if you have wide feet, you might find it a bit more challenging, as standard running shoes won’t fit your foot properly.

Having wide feet brings a lot of challenges when finding running shoes, and when running, such as finding the right shoe, pain during long runs, the inability to run smoothly and more. However, just because you have wide feet, doesn’t mean that should stop you from running, and it doesn’t mean you should have to wear uncomfortable running shoes.

A few factors need to be considered to find the best running shoes for wide feet. For instance, you might need a shoe with a wide toe box or a cushioned heel.

The good news is, many brands have started to manufacture shoes, especially for wide feet. We will cover the different options and help narrow your choices to find your perfect fit. In addition, we have compiled a list of our favourite running shoes for wide feet so that you can stop your shoe search now and start training!

ASICS GT-2000 9

The ASICS GT-2000 9 is the best choice if you want a great running shoe for a wide foot. The Asics GT-2000 line is one of the longest-running ASICS shoe series, which has been around since 1993. This wide shoe is designed to provide comfort even in long-distance running. The additional cushioning in the midsole and added support in the outer and medial arch will ensure the best comfort for your feet.


The Brooks Ghost 14 running shoe has the best support for wider feet. These shoes are made specifically for people with wide feet that often run into trouble with their balance due to lack of support. They’re flexible enough to let your foot spread and supportive enough to stabilise you. The best thing about these shoes is they come in wide and extra-wide sizes, so no matter how wide your feet are, they will fit you.


The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is one of the excellent all-rounders when it comes to running shoes from Brooks. As GTS stands for “go-to shoe”, it provides excellent stability for different kinds of runners. In addition, the cushion through the midsole is firm enough to offer you a smooth-running experience, even with wide feet. Overall, it’s a well-cushioned, flexible, stable and long-lasting running shoe.


Although a netball shoe, ASICS Gel Netburner 20 is still a great option for running and games. Popular for its toughness and durability, ASICS’s Netburner also provides a lightweight experience as its midsole is manufactured using FlyteFoam technology. The strong support and soft cushioning of these shoes will provide you with long-lasting comfort while running.


Brooks DYAD 11 is one of the stable running shoes. An extra room in the toe box and midfoot makes it perfect for runners with wide feet. In addition, DYAD 11 from Brook has a dual arch pod in BioMoGo DNA midsole to ensure better stability.

To find all of these wide foot running shoes at great prices, head to Stringers Sport Store. You can either visit them online or in-store, and they will be sure to help you find the best running shoe possible, for wide or regular feet.

Choosing a pair of running shoes requires careful consideration. You will likely need time to find the right shoe to fit your feet precisely among the dozens of brands and styles on the market. Stringers Sports Store offers a wide variety of running shoes from top brands such as Brooks and Mizuno. 

Running shoes, also known as performance shoes, provide more protection than most other types of footwear for running and exercise. For example, ASICS running shoes from Stringer Sports Store provide midsole protection, which allows the shoe to absorb more impact from your run. As a result of the added support and stability, your feet are better protected from over-pronation, which occurs when your foot rolls inwards while you run. By tilting the lower leg inward, the misalignment of your knee is reduced. In addition to shin splints and plantar fasciitis, overpronation can result in bunions and other foot problems. 

Consequently, if your running shoes have more cushioning, you will need to replace them more often. These sports shoes protect your feet’ arches, an essential feature for people with flat feet. However, it is possible to benefit from arch support even if you have high arches.

So, why are some running shoes better than others? Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference. There is no one best running shoe for all runners, no matter what anyone says. Putting your shoes on should feel comfortable right away, and they should last for several hundred kilometres of walking or running.

There’s no better place to start your running journey than with these top 5 affordable and durable models, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned marathoner:


For runners looking for a shoe that offers flexibility on and off the road and comfort for the long haul, this model of Brooks running shoe is perfect. Built for all-day comfort, the Revel 5 is made for performance. DNA cushioning deflects impact away from your body for maximum protection by adapting to your stride, weight, and speed.


The Mizuno’s Wave Inspire 17 remains the top choice for runners, designed to keep your strides quick and stable during your daily runs. With its updated fan-shaped wave design and cushioning, the MIZUNO ENERZY gives you the flexibility to find the most comfortable path for your next move. Landings and transitions are more stable and smoother than ever before in a pair of Mizuno running shoes.


Keeping up with the distance is easy with this pair of ASICS Gel-Nimbus 23. Soft, lightweight foam combined with an efficient, comfortable and responsive cushion, this ASICS running shoe with FLYTEFOAM propel is the perfect shoe for people who want to run long distances but don’t want to sacrifice comfort or efficiency.


The latest Mizuno Rider running shoes feature soft, high-performance cushioning in the midsole and are the perfect road shoe for neutral runners. Running fast and hard is made easier with the lightweight, breathable features of this running shoe.


The GEL-KAYANO stability shoe from ASICS men’s running shoe collection maximises comfort and durability for long-distance running. It’s designed with cushioning to provide a consistent bounce in your steps and high-density bump absorption for maximum protection for overpronators.

Having different feet and running styles means no such thing as a one-size-fits-all design for running shoes. If you want to find the best fit, you should research other brands and shoes. Stringer Sports Store offers the best running shoes in Australia that are not only affordable but durable too and stays with your running journey for a more extended period. Stringers has a large selection of the most popular shoe brands, including Nike, Mizuno, Brooks, Puma, New Balance, and ASICS. Please take a look at their vast selection on their website before you visit the store.

Running shoes are the most essential part of your running gear if you are a high-mileage runner. More importantly, you need running shoes that are not just cushioned and lightweight to keep comfortable but also sturdy enough to last mile after mile.

However, with so many popular brands of running shoes on the market, it can be tough to find the best pair. Mizuno is one name that has merged durability and comfort to produce the best running shoes for distance running.

Mizuno has a long history of producing the best running shoes since 1906. They have become a runners’ favourite worldwide because of their innovation, quality and comfort. Customer experience and athletic performance have always been the priority of Mizuno.

If you are looking for high-quality running shoes that will last you for a long time, go for Mizuno running shoes.

Here are some of the best Mizuno running shoes for high-mileage runners:

Wave Sky 5

The Mizuno Wave Sky 5 is packed with all the necessary support and cushioning required for distance running. The lightweight design and breathability allow the runners to be comfortable. This is the perfect running shoe for high-mileage runners who want a floating feeling while running. These shoes also use the innovative Mizuno technology – the Enerzy Core, Foam Wave and Enerzy foam that delivers a smooth, high-energy return experience.

Wave Rider 25

The Mizuno Wave Rider 25 is the most iconic shoe in the Mizuno running shoe line-up. The 25th version of wave rider has been equipped with a full-length Enerzy foam midsole, making your run relaxed and easy. Apart from cushioning and stability, Mizuno wave rider 25 supports forward propulsion offering a dynamic feel.

Wave Inspire 17

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 has been reconfigured with the U4ic midsole and a Mizuno Enerzy heel wedge to deliver an enhanced ride. It is stable, super soft and offers an impressive transition to runners. This shoe is Mizuno’s one of the best running shoes, perfect for high-mileage runners.

Wave Prophecy X

The Mizuno wave prophecy x is a neutral shoe that you can use for daily wear, gym training or distance running. With the maximum cushion that lasts for a long time, wave prophecy X is undoubtedly the best Mizuno running shoe. It is also great at absorbing shock, so no pressure on your feet.

Wave Equate 5

Like every other Mizuno running shoe, the Wave Equate 5 offers cushioning and stability. One of the unique features of this running shoe is it offers superb energy return. This fifth edition of the renewed upper are all-around running shoes and especially suits for overpronators.

You can get all of these Mizuno running shoes at Stringers Sports Store; you can either buy online or visit in-store where their staff are always ready to help you find the running shoes as per your requirement.

Do not delay further. Get the best Mizuno running shoes in Australia at a competitive price at Stringers Sports Store.

The pandemic has dramatically changed many people’s lives over the past year and a half. From losing jobs to living under restrictions, it will be hard to estimate the adverse effects the pandemic has had on our lives until it’s over. Alongside this, the global economy has struggled hugely, with many businesses, especially small businesses being hit the hardest.

This pandemic has impacted the mental wellbeing of many; despite the negative impacts of the pandemic, people have been able to find a silver lining. Some of us have spent more time with our family and have some time to adjust our lives and realise what is important. Research has shown that more people than ever took up a new form of exercise over the past year, especially running.

Since the pandemic began, we have not been able to follow our regular schedules. Although gyms have been closed to prevent the spread of COVID, many people found running outdoors through their neighbourhoods to be just as effective in maintaining their fitness and helping to improve their mental health. We all know exercise helps us to improve our physical health and prevent stress-related injuries. However, exercise and running have become a lifeline for many people to improve or stabilise their mental health—just one of the many silver linings during the pandemic.

Here are some more benefits from running that have helped us during the pandemic:

Reduce Stress

Stress has been a significant issue during this pandemic. With lots of negative things going on worldwide, it can be hard not to feel stressed. Almost everyone has had their stress levels increase, which directly impacts your immune system. However, running and regular exercise can help reduce stress. It reduces the stress hormone levels in our bodies and produces the hormone that creates a sense of happiness.

Health & Immunity

Exercise has always been a great way to improve your health and make you a stronger, fitter person. It improves blood flow and increases white blood cell circulation, which detects an illness sooner and improves your response to viruses. In turn, it also has a positive impact on your immune system.


With the shift from office-based work to working from home, the pandemic has impacted the productivity of many workers. Not being able to concentrate and feeling unmotivated has become a common problem. Adding physical exercise like running into your daily routine can help keep your mind fresh and improve your concentration at work; as a result, your productivity will also increase.

Since many people have started running as a regular form of exercise during the COVID pandemic, you should also be aware of safety while running. Especially if you are a new runner, it’s better to build your way up slowly to avoid injury. One of the major aspects to consider when running, to run safely, is high-quality running shoes. You might think any shoes are suitable for running, but performance shoes are designed specifically for running.

You might have noticed some pain in your legs and feet after running, and that’s the clear indicator that your shoes are not suitable for running. Running shoes are unique from regular shoes; they are made from materials that help absorb the impact from running and provide the support, cushion, and durability you need while running.

The best performance shoe brands in the world have spent countless hours and invested loads of funding into the research and development of their running shoes. So, if you have decided to keep running in your daily routine, it is better to invest in high-quality running shoes to prevent unnecessary injuries.

Look no further than Stringers Sports Store for a huge range of the best performance shoes for whatever type of exercise you do to keep fit and healthy. Check out their website today for amazing deals from the best performance shoe brands across the world.

Running is an unmatched exercise, and you cannot replicate the feeling of a great run. This is especially true when you have finally found the perfect pair of running shoes. There has been a lot of love for running shoe brands such as ASIC, Brooks, and Mizuno mainly because their shoes are manufactured specifically to help prevent injuries while running. 

Running-related injuries affect nearly one in three recreational runners at some point during their lives. In roughly three out of four cases, injuries associated with running involve the lower leg. Injuries to the knee, ankle, shin and foot are common. Additionally, runners are likely to suffer from back problems and groin injuries as well. There is a risk of injury when running, but most injuries can be prevented if you follow simple guidelines like choosing the right pair of shoes, warming up, wearing the right clothes, and not pushing yourself too hard.

The most common running injuries occur in the legs, such as shin splints, tight IT bands, cramps and blisters. It is also common to experience back pain, especially in the pelvis region. It is possible to avoid these injuries in a few simple ways. Still, if you experience repeated/prolonged pain in an area, it is essential to seek medical advice to find the cause and start treatment.

Select Proper Running Shoes

Choosing the right running shoes is essential when it comes to getting the most out of your running. Visit an athletic or specialty running-shoe store that knows what shoe type is best for your running style rather than wearing shoes that are too old or aren’t suitable for your foot. Additionally, the type of socks can also play a role in preventing blisters. Be sure to stick with what you know. You should wear comfortable running shoes and socks whenever you run.

Evaluate Your Fitness Level

Using a fitness assessment, you can set realistic training goals based on your strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. Find out how you can implement an assessment and set goals with a certified trainer. 


If you only run in your training, you are more likely to sustain overuse injuries. As you cross-train, you increase your cardiovascular endurance while giving your running muscles a break. If your workouts get monotonous, mix it up with pool workouts, elliptical workouts, or bike workouts. Maintain your flexibility and strength to avoid fatigue in your running muscles.


You can prevent injuries by stretching before and after training – every time you run. Create a routine that involves stretching the major muscle groups of your upper and lower extremities. Staying hydrated and stretching are two of the most essential aspects of running. It would be best if you took the time to stretch before running.

As you can see, the methods mentioned above are influenced mainly by individual running patterns, choice of ease, and training levels; however, it does come down to selecting the best running shoes available in Australia. In Australia, Stringer Sports Store Offers Brooks running shoes, ASICS running shoes, and Mizuno running shoes for runners who want to reduce their injuries while running. Feel free to contact them or visit them in-store to help you fulfil any of your running needs.

If you are a runner or a part of the fitness community, you will know that there are two types of runners – interval and long-distance runners.

Long-distance running is more commonly talked about and is a very effective way to get fit. Long-distance running involves going for a steady and slow run over a longer distance. On the other hand, interval running involves periods of high intensity running over shorter distances. This has become more popular as people have gotten busier and are looking for ways to achieve their fitness goals in a shorter period.

Both types of running are very different. However, one thing that they both have in common is that they both require high-quality running shoes. Lightweight, comfort, cushioning, snug fit and support is what you need from a good pair of running shoes, regardless of the type of running you do.

Here are some of the best brands for both interval and long-distance training:

ASICS Running Shoes

ASICS is a Japanese shoe manufacturer that makes some of the most popular running shoes around the world. The vast array of ASICS running shoes is impressive. The company’s primary focus is to offer various options to all runners – be it interval or long-distance runners. ASICS running shoes are versatile, and you can rely on them for hundreds of kilometres. Here is what we recommend:

ASICS GEL KAYANO is the best choice for you if you are a distance runner – features such as cushioning to prevent ankle rolls, and they are also designed to absorb shock to protect your knees when running long distances.

ASICS GEL-NIMBUS has been part of the ASICS running shoe line-up for decades, and they are known for their durability and comfort. This shoe uses Flytefoam technology which alleviates muscle strain and pain. Their ability to absorb impact and shock makes Nimbus perfect for interval training.

Brooks Running Shoes

Brooks doesn’t just manufacture running shoes; they live and breathe running shoes. Brooks has been creating running shoes for decades that enhance the performance and experience of runners while offering optimum comfort. Here is what we recommend:

Adrenaline GTS 21 is the best Brooks running shoe for stability while running. The soft cushioning and GuideRails support system will allow you to run comfortably for a more extended period.

When it comes to interval running, the Brooks Ghost 14 has got you covered. They offer a responsive ride and cushioned transitions to give you a bouncy feel. Also, if you run long distances seasonally, these shoes work for that and interval training.

Mizuno Running Shoes

Mizuno is a popular brand that is continuously working to develop the best running shoe technology. High-quality support and smooth rides are what Mizuno focuses on when it comes to running shoes. Mizuno running shoes are suitable for both beginners and experts. Here is what we recommend:

The Mizuno Wave Rider 24 is a high mileage running shoe known for smooth ride and energy return. Their lightweight support and re-engineered fit make Wave Rider the Mizuno’s Go-To Shoe for everyday training.

Mizuno Wave Sky 4 is ideal for those who want to go for those long distances, and they offer maximum cushioning to go a long way with extra stability.

If you are searching for the perfect running shoes, look no further than the experts at Stringers Sports Store. You can find all of these amazing brands in one place, plus more amazing brands and sports apparel. Visit the Stringers Sports Store website now and buy the best running shoes for interval and long-distance training.

Most of us know the fantastic benefits that running and exercise, in general, can have on our physical health. However, it is also vital to discuss the emotional and psychological benefits.

When you exercise, your body releases hormones called endorphins. They are the chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain. This is what helps most people enjoy exercise. Reducing stress is extremely important during lockdowns, and exercise is a great way to do this.

So, when you decide to head out for a run, walk or do an at-home workout, you know that it’s going to be a great decision all around for your health. However, the only thing that could get in the way is if you don’t have the right shoes for the job.

No matter how low impact, not wearing suitable footwear when going out to exercise can harm instead of heal. Not wearing the right shoes can give you blisters, cause foot and leg pain, and even evolve into further long-term injuries.

So, you might now be wondering where you can get the proper footwear. You need the right shoes for your particular foot type and exercise type and when searching for that, look no further than Stringers Sports Store.

Stringers Sports Store specialises in all brands of sporting footwear, in men’s, women’s and juniors ranges. Their vast range can support every type of foot, and exercise. Here are some of the most recommended and popular performance shoe brands at Stringers Sports.


ASICS is a well-known brand that is at the forefront of gender-specific footwear technology. At the heart of creating the most functional and comfortable running experience for both women and men, they have a huge range of shoes to choose from.

From the men’s range, we recommend the ASICS Gel Kayano 28, for the softest and smoothest stride, with all the latest and greatest footwear technology. From the women’s range, we also recommend the women’s version of the ASICS Gel Kayano 28, with all the same amazing benefits but with gender-specific technology fit for women.


Brooks Sports, also known as Brooks Running, designs and create high-performance men’s and women’s running shoes. All of their shoes are backed by in-depth biomechanical research and feature innovations that will advance your shoes’ fit, feel style, ride, and performance.

We recommend the Brooks Glycerin 19 for the softest ever ride for male runners without sacrificing responsiveness or durability. For female runners, we recommend the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 for a shoe with innovative technology that will support your body in its natural motion path.


Mizuno is renowned sportswear manufacture that has been in the business for over a century. Their shoes feature unique footwear technology among the global market and are the favourite pick for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

We recommend the Mizuno Wave Creation 22 Waveknit running shoe for the perfect lifestyle to gym shoes for male runners. We recommend the Mizuno Wave Sky 5 running shoe for the smoothest run and more comfortable shoe on the market for female runners.

Don’t let an awful pair of shoes ruin your exercise routine. If you’re looking for the right pair of performance footwear, head in-store or online to Stringers Sports Store to find the perfect pair for you.

Running is widely considered a great all-around exercise for physical conditioning. It is partly a weight-bearing exercise to strengthen the lower body’s bones and muscles and cardio, to improve overall fitness. The benefits of running are fantastic, but if you aren’t running correctly, this exercise has a downside.

Everyone has a different shape and form, differentiating the impact our entire lower body absorbs during an intense running session, especially the feet. Studies indicate that 4 out of 5 runners are at risk of injury simply because they don’t have the right pair of shoes to support them. Since the pursuit for better footwear began, the advancement in technology and decades of research data has enabled the best offering of performance footwear to date.

Today manufacturers offer an extensive line-up of running shoes specifically designed for the human body to gain more speed while reducing the risk of injuries, enveloped in the most comfortable format achievable. Here are some factors we should be mindful of when getting a new pair of running shoes to ensure all your runs are safe and comfortable.

The Fit

We all instinctively look for while getting a new pair of shoes is the right fit. However, it can get a little tricky if you are looking for a good pair of running shoes. The rule of thumb is making sure it fits well. Running over a long period expands the toes giving them flatter and wider shape. Make sure that the end of the shoe is wide enough for your toes to stretch sideways comfortably with extra room forward, about the size of a thumb, to avoid stubbing your toes inside the shoes.

The heels and the middle section of the foot should have a snug fit to maintain a consistent impact on the soles and prevent sliding, reducing the risk of injuries. It is also better to have a good idea of the socks you will be wearing and what lacing can be implemented to improve the overall fit.


For those who don’t know, Gait means the pattern of movement of our limbs during exercise. Gait or pronation refers to how our feet land on the ground during impact and push off while walking and running. It might seem like an exaggeration or a marketing gimmick at first but picking the right pair of running shoes that supports our Gait makes a difference in our performance, endurance and risk of injury for our legs.

Most people spend their entire lives believing they are not runners simply because they never found a good pair of shoes to support their pronation. It would be best to have the experts at a shoe store analyse your Gait and pronation to know what shoes are available for you to pick from. You can also find out if you are a supinator, overpronator or neutral runner by spending a couple of minutes online. It’s an invaluable piece of information to have.


A glance at the shoe aisle is enough to realise that different shoes come in different shapes and forms. Rest assured, it serves more purpose than just improving overall aesthetics. Top footwear manufacturers engineered running shoes from the ground up to give that extra bit of fit, comfort, and edge in performance for athletes and running enthusiasts.

This includes almost every aspect of the shoe, from the choice of its upper material and heel cushioning, midsole, outsole and toe drop, including the flex and grooves along with its weight. Spending a few minutes understanding these offerings from different brands will help immensely make a conscious decision while picking your ideal running pair.


Knowing the surface where you will be accumulating your mileage is as crucial as your choice of shoes. Different terrain brings different challenges for the performance and longevity of your cherished running pair. You will find an assortment of running shoes designed for diverse landscapes like the city asphalt, running track, off the road or trail running for simple overall training purposes.

Having the right pair for the suitable surface will help avoid accidents and injuries while also allowing you to get the best out of your running shoes in terms of performance and comfort.

When choosing the right pair of performance shoes, it is always a good idea to try on the pair to see how they feel. A proper fit should feel snug in the heel and midfoot, with wiggle room around the toes.

Check for correct length and width by pressing your thumb down next to the ball of your foot and around the toes. A good fit should allow for half to an entire thumb’s width of space. Don’t feel shy to hop around and take a few steps and strides during the try-on and ask the experts at your shoe store for advice.

Stringer Sports Store, Australia, is home to running shoes from the best footwear manufacturers in the world. Stringer Sports has unparalleled sports shoes and other sports apparel for men, women and children. Browse through their offerings to find the best pair of shoes that best fits your needs at the best prices anywhere, at Stringer Sports Store.

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