A review of your shoe. How to find the best running shoes for your performance?

Finding the best running shoes to improve your performance involves many factors. Everyone is anatomically different, and our preferences regarding what makes an ideal pair of shoes will always remain subjective. There is no one size fits all approach here, but fortunately, thanks to the technological advancements in footwear manufacturing, we have quite a few options to choose from. However, knowing what to look for in a running shoe will make your decision much easier.


Comfort plays a huge part in every runner’s performance. Comfort and performance have a direct correlation, and thankfully, manufacturers have always taken note of that. Performance shoes are always designed with comfort and safety in mind.

You want to look for a pair of comfortable running shoes that have a snug fit on your feet and are flexible enough to allow all types of natural movement. The upper should be designed to hug the foot firmly with its soft and elastic material. Having a breathable upper will also offer decent weather protection.

Also, be mindful of the heels’ foam and the midsole, which should absorb shock from the impact of landing. You need to find the right balance between the two. Something too soft might feel very comfortable but could rob you of better reactions and stability, while something too rigid might cause your legs to suffer more than they should.

The design elements of running shoes such as the grooves, arches, heel and toe drop, and the sole’s surface are collectively meant to enhance the comfort and experience for the runner. This can be a matter of preference, so manufacturers offer a range of design options for buyers to choose from.


Having complete clarity over the specific purpose of your shoes can make it easier to narrow down your choices. Running shoes designed to give the best performance on city streets might be utterly unusable for off-road and trail running. A pair that’s great for long-distance running might not be the best option for interval runners, and a great pair of running shoes might not be the best pick for other sporting and fitness activities. Footwear manufacturers have acknowledged this dilemma and have done their best to deliver with their line-ups of running shoes.

A good pair of long-distance shoes should be breathable but also provide a decent level of weather protection. The upper should fit like a glove, but it also should stretch comfortably if the foot starts to swell. A soft heel and midsole foam will help reduce the landing impact, but it should not come at the cost of stability and feedback. Interval runners prefer stability over softer foam. Another preference is being as light as possible to gain better speed; hence the plush foam cannot make its presence known but should not completely disappear either.

On the other hand, trail running shoes need to be rigid enough to conquer the harsh terrain and keep the feet protected, yet light, flexible, breathable and comfortable enough to allow at least a couple of hours of exploration for the runner. Some pairs drain water well while others do not even let it in.


It might seem like an exaggeration, and it’s obvious to question how a shoe’s appearance might impact your performance, but the answer is quite simple. Shoe design not only aids functionality but also defines its purpose and gives the pair its personality. As consumers, we naturally gravitate towards things that closely reflect who we are as a person, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. We often feel better when we like the look of the shoes we are wearing.

The perfect performance gear will not only act as an extension of your body but also as an extension of your ability, and it might give you an extra boost that distinguishes good performance from excellent performance.

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